In June All Three of Us went to Disney world for a week. The end of July Melissa and I went to Iceland for 12 days.

In June the three of us went to Alaska. In September we went to 2 Islands in Hawaii

In May We went to California. In August we went East to New England. Two Oceans, One summer.

In May we went back to Disney World, then in August we went to Wyoming

In June Melissa and I went to some remote Places in Canada. Then in August we took Annika to Florida

Florida 7-07-2012 to 7-14-2012 The whole family went to Disney for Annika's first trip there.

Big Trip to Canada and then to the Dells for Annika's Birthday

Two Trips in 2010 in the spring Drove East with Patricia and Michael. In the summer Melissa and I went to St. Thomas

Alaska 06-21-2009 07-01-2009, 2nd Trip to Alaska Took a cruise .

2 Trips is 2008 One mostly paid for by State Farm the other was Yellowstone

2 Vacatoins in 2007 one paid mostly by best buy and the other was canada

In 2006 We took two trips one with Annika and one with just Us.

South West Vacation 01-22-2005 01-29-2005, We were in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and 2 brief stops one in Texas and one in Mexico.

Hawaii Vacation 5-6-2004 to 5-17-2004 3 Islands 11 Days

First Trip to Alaska all Land

We Took two vacations in 2002 one with Mom and dad we drove to Louisiana and we also took a Caribbean cruise